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Our Philosophy

However far the modern world may have led us from the ancient wisdoms and texts that explain our existence, it is increasingly clear to us that we humans are nothing without the support and gifts of nature. We often make the mistake of neglecting the healing properties of nature until it is too late and we are already ill. It is important to remember that keeping to the rules dictated by nature does not require us to forego much. They require a bit of care and attention, no more... Read more »

Our products

Where can you find us?

Visit the Impulser Health Day, the nationwide event organized by Impulser. Our aim is to talk to people who suffer from vascular diseases as well as those groups in society that are at risk and inform them about how to prevent and, if necessary, cure these diseases. It is also possible to see a bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) device in operation at the Impulser Health Day. What’s more, analysis and diagnosis costing HUF 19,000 under normal circumstances are done with equipment worth tens of millions of forints completely free of charge for guests with invitations. One of the greatest challenges in health care is detecting illnesses in time and, when necessary, treating them. Impulser Health Day will help to do just this. Application

Dear Reader,

Please note that all articles, descriptions, studies and their summaries published on this site are for information purposes only. They cannot answer specific questions relating to a given illness or other topic, and should not be consulted instead of a visit to your GP or pharmacist, a homeopath or other healthcare professional. Should you have any concern, please consult one of the above for a check-up and/or treatment as necessary.